Comminust Hispanic Caucus  

Monday, February 07, 2005

OK OK Poking around on DU earlier today I came across some angry reference to Alberto Gonzales's confirmation and how he couldnt even get the endorsement of the Congressional (Communist) Hispanic Caucus (as if he would want it). So I clicked the link they gave and it took me here.

Of course, after I read the entire text of the letter, I became curious as to the party distribution of the organization. I was not surprised to find that the four leading members were all Democrappers (three of them from the People's Republic of California). Not only that, but ALL of the other seventeen members of the organization were also Demmies. Of course, Communist California Led the way with more members from that state than any other AFTER I had excluded the three leaders. These people have no clue whatsoever.

As the Senate considers the nomination of Alberto Gonzales to be the next Attorney General of the United States, we, on behalf of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), wish to inform you that the CHC has not endorsed Mr. Gonzales.

Well ... As an informed American knowing the background of the aforenamed organization, I can tell you that that is all the endorsement I need. Confirm him NOW.

Since its inception almost three decades ago, the CHC has served to advance the interests of the Hispanic community, which includes promoting the advancement of Latinos into high levels of public office.

Yeah all but the ones who ACTUALLY have power...

We have taken this responsibility seriously, and have accordingly developed a process to evaluate candidates for positions in the executive branch of the federal government. Such a process is critical to determining which candidates seek to hold office to serve the public interest rather than to promote their own personal interest. Our process has enabled us to endorse many exceptional Hispanic candidates. During the past four years, the CHC has proudly endorsed many judicial and executive branch nominees selected by President George W. Bush.

Yeah and just what does your "process" involve?? A candidate's hearty endorsement of your socialist agenda?

One simple step in our process is a meeting with the nominee. Upon hearing of Mr. Gonzales' nomination for Attorney General, we invited him to meet with the CHC to provide him with the opportunity to meet our Members, discuss issues important to the Latino community, and to seek our endorsement. We were informed that he wanted our support and for the past two months, we made every attempt to accommodate his schedule.

With all due respect, CHC, I think in all honesty he was just trying to be nice...

However, Mr. Gonzales ultimately chose not to avail himself of the courtesies we extended to him. We were last advised that Mr. Gonzales was simply too occupied with responding to written questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee and that we would instead have to wait to until after he was confirmed as Attorney General before being granted a meeting.

Look, idiots. This guy is going to be the attorney general of the United States. He does not need your endorsement, nor should he want it, given what you seem to stand for. Why in the world would he meet with a group of people hostile to his worldview? ...

Let us be clear, our concern is not about whether the CHC is granted a meeting ‑‑ it is about Mr Gonzales' unwillingness to discuss important issues facing the Latino community. His answers to these questions would give our community the information needed to form an informed opinion of his nomination. With so little time left before a Senate vote on Mr. Gonzales' nomination, the Latino community continues to lack clear information about how the nominee, as Attorney General, would influence policies on such important topics as the Voting Rights Act, affirmative action, protections for persons with limited English proficiency, due process rights of immigrants, and the role of local police in enforcing federal immigration laws.

OK let's see about your "issues facing the Latino community", shall we?

You are asking about how Mr. G. would influence the things on your list. I've never met the guy and I can tell you exactly how he, as the nation's top law enforcement officer, would influence these things:

Voting Rights Act - Everyone with the right to vote will get to exercise that right provided they obey the law in doing so. Sorry if you can't handle the probable suppression of the dead vote, the illegal immigrant vote, the prison vote, and the repeat vote, but that's the law ... Get it?

Affirmative Action - Until this law is rules unconstitutional, as it should be, since it suppresses the pursuit of excellence of all Americans, Hipanics included, Mr. G. will enforce the law.

Protections for "persons" of limited English proficiency? You have got to be kidding. I sincerely hope you mean "citizens" of limited English proficiency. Non-citizens have no right to such protections. Mr. G. will protect ALL Americans in accordance with the law.

Due process of immigrants - This is a no-brainer, but I fear Mr. G. might just lean your way a little on this, because the President unfortunately seems to. What he SHOULD do is very simple. Process and admit legal immigrants. Arrest and deport illegal ones. We can no longer afford to just let any old Joe into the US across any border he wishes. We let about 20 of them in some years ago, and they hijacked a few planes and killed about 3,000 of our fellow Americans. I'm sure the two members of your organization that are from New York will gladly explain what happened that fateful day in September, 2001.

I'll leave the local police/federal immigration laws stuff to Mr. G. at this point, sice I don't live in a border state and I don't know what the actual laws are or how they are supposed to be enforced, BUT I can tell you that whatever Mr. G. does, it will be in accordance with whatever the LAW says.

You see, this President chooses people who will do the job they are hired to do. Just because the you don't like the laws that yuo have to obey doesn't mean you get to complain about the guy enforcing them (like your party did with our previous attorney general).

We are disappointed and surprised that Mr. Gonzales has refused to meet with the CHC during the confirmation process. Much has been said about the historic nature of Mr. Gonzales' nomination, as the first Hispanic to serve as U.S. Attorney General. However, the historic nature of this nomination is rendered meaningless for the Hispanic community when the nominee declines an opportunity to meet with the group of Hispanic Members of Congress who have worked for so many years to open the doors of opportunity to fellow Hispanics. If he is not willing to meet with the CHC, how responsive can we expect him to be to the needs of the Hispanic community?

Just what doors have you opened?? I'd love to know. The only thing I've seen you Demogogueacrats do is create expensive government programs that force more and more people into poverty every day. How does that open a door to a poor Hispanic who is now relegated to living on the mere pittance that the government pays him? I can't see how it does. I suppose then we should ask how that would open a door for a middle-class (or as you lefties call the middle-class ... "wealthy") Hispanic who has to pay for that other Hispanic who doesn't work becuase the government has conditioned him to believe that a government check is the only way he is to survive? Again, it doesn't.

It's time you losers understood the concept of what America is all about. We expect each person to take care of himself and his family. The government is not entitled to our money. It gets what WE allow it to have, not the other way around. We expect the government to enforce laws that we approve by our votes, whether by our vote for or against the law, or by our vote for or against the legislator. If you continue to try to climb into our wallets, our votes will be against you. That's not a threat. That's a promise.

Fuck you.