A Hearty Welcome to Howard Dean  

Friday, February 11, 2005

Howard Dean is taking over the DNC. This is the greatest thing to happen to modern conservatism since the election of the Republican Congress in 1994. This guy actually believes that his party doesn't have to change its beliefs, just the way they are presented. Yeah, ok Howie. I'm glad you see that. It's great to see someone with a decisive attitude at the helm of your party ... aaaAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

Mr. Dean's anti-American, anti-capitalist agenda could very well be the greatest thing ever to happen to the United States of America. Not because any of it could ever happen, but precisely because it couldn't.

Think about it. Nothing this guy stands for even comes close to the founders' philosophy, which is what created the Constitution. This guy's wacko philosophy will ultimately result in more conservatives being elected to high office, more constitutionalist judges in the courts, and more dismantling of the socialism that has so hurt this great nation.

With Howard Dean running the opposition, conservatives will be able to do all the things we need to do to make America safer and more prosperous. This guy has no clue what America is all about, and America sees it.