An Iraqi Perspective: Pathetic Terrorists  

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I recently learned of the IRAQ THE MODEL blog on a local radio station. When I checked it out this morning, THIS is what I found. This is the most sickening and repulsive thing I have seen from the terrorasses is a long time.

When I see this kind of bullshit, I must first get past the sorrow for the family and friends of this poor young fellow. Once I do, I simply want the terrorasses dead. These are not humans. If they were human they would feel human compassion and have human emotions and recognize human nature. They do none of these things. Human companssion and emotions?? Cut me a FUCKING break. These animals KIDNAPPED A DOWNS KID and sent him in as a SUICIDE BOMBER on Iraq's first election day ever.

Yeah, ok fucklizards. You are REALLY going to sell a lot of people on the idea of giving up on their natural yearning for freedom doing shit like that. It's assholes like this that make me want to go and enlist in the US armed forces and get involved in covert operations so that I could have a hand in DESTROYING bastards like this.

Hey Al-Qaeda and ZarQUEERi - Can't you fucking losers see that when you KIDNAP people (especially vulnerable people like those with Downs Syndrome) and FORCE them to go on suicide missions for you, it gets us all thinking about how many other suicide bombers also got involved in this fashion? Are you so blind that you can't see that Iraqis and other reasonable people all around the world will just see this as yet another reason your idiocy has to be crushed?

And hey, Mr. bin Laden and Mrs. ZarQUEERi - If what you stand for is so wonderful that you think people should blow themselves up on your whim, why don't you just do us all a favor and blow your own fucking sorry-ass souls into oblivion? Set the example for your "people". In fact, let's just designate a "Terrorist Day" and have all the terrorists in all your little organizations all around the world just get together in a big hole somewhere and just blow yourselves all to smithereens. Lead the world by your example! The virgins are waiting! Just do it and be done with it and let the rest of us get on with our lives as free people.

Eight million Iraqis have spoken. The heroes of the US Armed Forces are there to help any of you find your destiny. Let Iraq and the rest of the free people in the world get on with ours in peace.

Fucking scumbags. A fucking downs kid. Don't you terrorist assholes have ANY shame? ANY SHAME AT ALL?