Unblievable fuckwads - Originally from 01/22/2005  

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I watched a bit of President Bush's speech the other day, and later made mention around a good friend of mine (a nonpolitical guy ... this guy wouldn't know a liberal from a conservative if they had a fight in front of him) that I thought the President was an excellent speaker.

Guys this speech was second to none ... Even Reagan would have been proud of it ... Several sites have rated it in the top 5 inaugural speeches ever given, and here my friend thinks I'm some kind of a nut for saying what I said ... the funny thing was that I said what I said BEFORE all these other things were said about this speech. This President speaks with as much finesse as any other in history. Clinton never gave a speech as inspiring as this one. Carter? Cut me a fucking break. His speech-writers are as good as Reagan's and he delivers every speech from the heart.

Perhaps my friend was talking about President Bush not as a speaker, but rather as a debater? I will concede that ol' George isn't the best at debating, but can it be argued under ANY set of circumstances that his speeches are anything less than inspired? What kind of fuckwad can close his mind to this?

Anyone who loves this country would stand tall when hearing this speech. Clinton couldn't have given this speech. He didn't believe any of what was said in it. Those who would dismantle America's freedom whether foreign or domestic, will hate this speech because of its expression of faith in the people and their God.

It's a good thing Americans have chosen this man as their leader. If his speech is any indication, he will lead us into a kind of prosperity the whole world will both admire and envy. The sad thing about that part of it is that we openly and willingly share our prosperity and our methods with anyone who wants them, yet very few have embraced them.

Our message to the world should be to dismantle ALL forms of socialism, turn your people free to reach their highest potential, enforce good laws based on principles of freedom, and enjoy the ride!

Any fuckwad who would say that the President isn't a good speaker should, as my friend rightly seems to do, stay the fuck out of the political scene. These people should NEVER choose to vote, since they have NO FUCKING CLUE what they are talking about. I swear this guy looked at me like I had two freaking heads! This President will continue the success of President Reagan and bring America back to the place she belongs - the place envisioned by the founders.