I have no more Constitutional Authority  

Monday, March 28, 2005

Am I really supposed to belive this, Mr. Bush? It's as clear as day that you have the constitutional authority to tell the courts to go fuck themselves. Constitutional crisis, my ass. What you have right now is a constitutional crisis. You could bring it to an end by simply reading your state's own laws and exercising the authority you have there.

You are, as the chief executive of your state, NOT beholden to court decisions that are contrary to your job description in the Florida Constitution. Just do your job, and let the courts go to hell. It seems that is where they came from, and it's DEFINITELY where they're headed. Bury them face down so they dont trip over anything on the way.

Once this is all over, and it looks as though it will be soon, as Michael's necropheliac of a lawyer has begun to call her "beautiful" as she's lying there dying of dehydration and starvation, there should be a strong outcry for the impeachment of the judges for refusing to consider the new testimony that you ordered them to look at. For stopping where you did, you should be impeached as well.

To think I might have supported you as a Presidential candidate - HA! You stand for absolutely nothing, and this situation proves you have no backbone at all. What are you going to do when political pressure to avoid a necessary war comes into play? You can't even stand up to a stupid wussy-ass rogue judge with an activist history. What will you do when REAL terrorists and REAL socialists attempt to bring the US and President Jeb down? Would it take a 9/11-type tragedy to make you grow a fucking spine?

All anyone wants is a chance to try the case with the new evidence included, and to keep Terri alive until that process has been completed. You brought the new evidence to the courts' attention, and what did they do? They told you to go fuck yourself. I hope the Republican Party does the same during the primaries the next time you try to run for office. I'm telling you the same today.



(note - This post is my farewell post for Terri, speaking in her final defense. Please leave no comments.)