Martha and Michael: Can We Just End This, Please?  

Monday, March 07, 2005

Look, without commenting on the particulars of the case, I would like to issue a call for the media to PLEASE SHUT UP about Martha Stewart. She was found guilty of something, served time, and is now out of jail. Do we really need to know any more than that? Who gives a fuck what her hair looks like or what kind of car or airplane she's travelling in? Who cares what the fuck she is wearing or even where she's going? Honestly, I cannot see how it would be relevant to anyone's life, including people who watch her TV show, which despite its popularity, I find EXTREMELY BORING ... I'd rather watch grass grow. If you want to see Martha on TV, you won't have long to wait. She'll be out there doing whatever she does on her TV show soon enough. Just quit this fucking media blitz, its annoying the shit out of me.

As to Michael Jackson, this bullshit is worse than the OJ Simpson trial some years back. At least OJ was willing to face the embarrassment of being a defendant in a major trial with the respect that a defendant should give the court. Michael is making a spectacle of himself, almost as if he set this whole thing up on purpose to attract attention to himself. To be honest, I have no idea whether this asshelmet is guilty or not, but I do wish he would show respect for his position. If he is found guilty, we can expect more of the same nauseating attention when he gets out as we did last week with Martha Stewart. Michael, this is NOT an opportunity to show off. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate to what extent you are guilty or not guilty of a crime of which you are accused. This is a SOMBER moment. Knock it off with the freaking glitz already; you're giving showbiz and musicians a bad name, or possibly even contributing to one that already exists.

I, for one, am not wasting my precious time watching any coverage of Martha getting out of jail or Michael going to court. If Martha's sentence is over and she is clearly not a danger to anyone (you will find it hard to convince me that she is), then let her go and be done with it. There is no need to glorify whatever crime is it she was found guilty of. Just open the door and let her go. I honestly don't give a rat's ass how she felt while she was in there, or how it feels to be free.

Likewise, I have no time to be bothered with Michael's antics in and out of the courtroom. If something substantial in the case comes up, I'll listen to what it is, and think about what I think the jury should do with it. Any coverage of the crowds gathered around Mr. Jackson's limousine outside the courtroom will result in my immediately changing the channel and looking for a station that is actually showing somethng else. Hopefully I won't have to sit through another annoying episode of SpongeBob just to avoid this stupid shit.