The Minuteman Project: Vigilantes? Well Go Figure  

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

O'Reilly had a piece on this today on TV, so I suppose it's time to bring it back to the front. Original post date, March 25.

Look, I voted for President Bush. I respect his leadership in most matters. The stands he has taken in defense of the Constitution have been generally heroic.

So why the fuck can't he do the same thing when it comes to illegal immigration? We have violent criminals sneaking into this country every day. We have desperate "workers" sneaking into this country every day. Why can't we get this situation under control? I would think it to be imperative that we do so in a post-9/11 America. All but one of the Jihadifucks who hit us that day were in the country illegally, having snuck in across our porous borders.

So, Mr. Bush, please explain to me why you would be surprised to see a vigilante group forming along the Arizona border when you haven't done a damned thing about this URGENT problem. If you're not going to do anything about it, why shouldn't the citizens of Arizona take the matter into their own hands? SOMEONE has to protect the borders. I honestly don't give a flying fuck what Mr. Fox says. His failure to show respect for our country's laws and customs make him no better than a useless piece of shit. His administration publishes pamphlets and books explaining how to get around US customs and INS agents in order to get into the US. He refuses to detain violent criminals deported to his country, and these scumfucks continue to return to the US and commit more crimes. He restricts freedom to the point that ten percent of his country's population would so rather live in the US, that they are willing to risk imprisonment to live here.

Let me make myself perfectly clear here. I fully support LEGAL immigration. Virtually all Americans are descended from immigrants. Furthermore, most Americans are not interested in the kind of jobs many of these (mostly Mexican) immigrants take. These illegals are not "taking jobs" from Americans. They're taking jobs from LEGAL aliens, who respect the law, the process, and our national sovereignty. But anyone here illegally should be simply deported. Let them go through the process. This would also alleviate many of the problems we have here with these bums actually collecting socialist benefits that they do not pay into (further problems with socialism ... go figure). These people are not Americans. They are therefore not guaranteed any rights by the Constitution, so the ACLU can go fuck themselves.

Oh, and why not have a vigilante group pick up the slack? What is wrong with that? Look at the huge drop in violent crime in cities patrolled by Curtis Sliwa's vigilante group, The Guardian Angels. These vigilantes live with a problem that exists right in their own back yard. Who could possibly know better than they how to defend their homes from these thugs? So we have a vigilante group out in Arizona. I think that's fucking incredible. This group is saving the INS, the US taxpayer, and the border patrol mucho deniero while simultaneously adding manpower to the cause.

My message to the Minuteman Project is this: GO FOR IT! If I had the means, I'd definitely volunteer. The ACLU can't do anything to you, since none of these shitwads has any Constitutional rights in the first place. And if you find one of these murderous gangster convicts trying to get back here after being deported, I say shoot to kill. Fuck the ACLU.


Update: This from Michelle Malkin (3/30).