Scott Peterson: Let Me at the Little Fuck  

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I pray for his soul.

That having been said, what the fuck is the deal with these "lethal injections"? Is the American system so full of pussies and wimps that we can't let a guy who violently disposes of his wife and son be disposed of with the same violence? Don't forget, Laci and Connor committed no crime, had hurt no one, and yet were forced to suffer and die violent and painful deaths because it was inconvenient for Scott that they live.

Look dude, go ahead and have your little fling ... I dont fucking care what you do behind anyone's closed door, whether yours or Amber's or whomever's. But if you're in that big a hurry to get your family out of the way so that you can move on, just get a damn divorce. I'm sure Amber would have respected that, and if she didn't, well maybe she wasn't the long-term piece you were looking for anyway. There's plenty of ass out there if you want to get some. You're in California already. If you can't find a hot piece of ass in California, knocking off your wife and son isn't going to get you any closer to it. Instead, you'll be getting it on with some fat dude named Bubba until your sentence is carried out.

Another pile of bullshit is the amount of time the appeals process takes for this shit. By the time this fucktard is put down, he will have long forgotten exactly what he did and exactly how he did it. He'll have more vivid memories of his special intimate moments with Bubba, which I suppose counts for something, but let's face it. That's not why he's being put down.

Let's get back to the whole "lethal injection" shit again, shall we? Why should a guy who violently deprives his own family of their lives be allowed to die so humanely? I lost a very close friend to lethal injection some years ago, and I was there when it happened. It was very humane and incredibly dignified. That dog will live on in my heart forever. Does Scott Peterson deserve to die in the same manner as my Yorkshire?

Fuck that. Scott should be blindfolded and placed in the most submissive position available, and then let the Rocha family have at him. Fists at first, then let them piss and shit on him till he smells like a fucking septic tank. After that smash his fingertips with a sledgehammer like they used to do at Plymouth Colony. Then slowly slash his wrists and piss in the wounds. Once he has bled to death, throw his corpse out into the bay where he threw his wife and baby that fateful night, and let the beasts have at him until there's nothing left.

This is not revenge for the Rocha family I am talking about. What I'm talking about is the idea that the punishment has to fit the crime. I'm not about letting this scumfuck off with twenty years of free room and board and then a quiet good-night when two innocent people are dead just because he wanted to fuck around. Fuck around if you need to. Get a divorce if you can't stay married. Killing people is another matter entirely, and if you're going to commit heinous acts of violence that result in people dying, then you should suffer the same fate, ASSHOLE.