Integrated?? MY ASS!!  

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Surfing the blogs of the RWRmy this morning I came upon this post by HS Mr. Minority. While the Honorable Soldier has, as always, done a marvelous job of telling it like it is, I just had to throw my two cents in...

Mexico's foreign secretary says he expects Mexico and the U.S. will one day be "integrated," and he blasted the Minuteman Project, calling for prosecution of the citizen border monitors.

"Integrated"? Yeah, right. What the fuck are you going to do? Send your little army into Arizona and take the place over with their pea-shooters? Dude, the Arizona National Guard could take you on all by themselves and completely decimate your military. They wouldn't even need the Feds to get involved. Get over yourself.

And where do you get off calling for the "prosecution" of people exercising their God-given and constitutionally guaranteed rights? If you are lucky enough to find a court that will take it, you aren't likely to find an attorney who will, as I doubt even the ACLU wold touch that one. So go ahead and represent yourself. Watch yourself get creamed in the US court system. If you find a lawyer through the ACLU or some other crackpot outfit, watch them get creamed with you. It would be very interesting to see what kind of charges you would bring up, as these guys have every right to sit at the borders and report the scumbags coming across with no respect for our laws.

After the speech, Baustista spoke to reporters about the Minuteman Project. Hundreds of American volunteers, many legally carrying guns and waving flags, are keeping watch around the clock until the end of the month along a 23-mile stretch of border between Arizona and Mexico. The volunteers reportedly are intimidating illegal aliens with their presence and alerting the Border Patrol via cell phones or radios when they see people crossing.

Ain't America great? This is what you need to learn, jackass: If our government doesn't want to stand up for our rights as a nation, guess what we do? We go out there and stand up for them ourselves. Don't like it? Go whine to the UN. They seem to be open to listening to crybabies like you. We wouldn't need to do this if people in your country would simply follow the rules and come here legally. Many of them wouldn't bother coming at all if you didn't have so many obstacles to prosperity. You want the US and Mexico to live together in harmony? Here's what you do:

1. Start by reading your own constitution. Title One, Chapter One, Article 4 says:

No person can be prevented from engaging in the profession, industrial or commercial pursuit, or occupation of his choice, provided it is lawful. The exercise of this liberty shall only be forbidden by judicial order when the rights of third parties are infringed, or by administrative order, issued in the manner provided by law, when the rights of society are violated. No one may be deprived of the fruits of his labor except by judicial decision.

Once you illegally cross over into our country, your actions are no longer lawful. Americans in the United States are not beholden to any Mexican court (so much for "judicial order"), as your laws simply do not apply here. We have no treaty with Mexico that obligates us to allow any poor shitbag that wants in just to come over. If you want to try to negotiate something like that, go right ahead. You will likely have some problems at the ballot box, though.

Of course, you have this little ditty in there as well:

Article 11. Everyone has the right to enter and leave the Republic, to travel through its territory and to change his residence without necessity of a letter of security, passport, safe-conduct or any other similar requirement. The exercise of this right shall be subordinated to the powers of the judiciary, in cases of civil or criminal liability, and to those of the administrative authorities insofar as concerns the limitations imposed by the laws regarding emigration, immigration and public health of the country, or in regard to undesirable aliens resident in the country.

This basically means that the Mexican government can't place restrictions on people entering or leaving Mexico, as long as Mexican laws are obeyed. It also makes clear that the limitations placed upon such people by the laws of the country in question are to be respected. Check my emphasis for proof. You are in violation of your own constitution by allowing these people to do what they do, fartknocker. You're lucky we don't send a few Tomahawks in to let you know how we REALLY feel.

2. There are other things in your constitution that you could do away with, and more easily keep these people form wanting to leave in the first place. Face it, your country has a much more livable climate, and your people wouldn't have to start all over with a new language and culture just to get by. There is absolutely no excuse for chasing them out the way you do. This is what they are trying to escape:

(In article 27) The Nation shall at all times have the right to impose on private property such limitations as the public interest may demand, as well as the right to regulate the utilization of natural resources which are susceptible of appropriation, in order to conserve them and to ensure a more equitable distribution of public wealth. (The rampant socialism continues for several paragraphs)

We have a word for this in America: OPPRESSION. When you attempt to "ensure a more equitable distribution of public wealth", all you wind up doing is making everyone poor. Sound familiar? Have a look around you. Come to the borders and see who's coming over here. There are basically two kinds of people doing this: Career criminals (who seem to keep coming back after being deported for committing heinous crimes in the US), and desperate people with no hope of ever succeeding in Mexico. Have you noticed that there is no corresponding flow of immigrants from the US to Mexico? Hmm?? Well, go figure.

No. We do not want to "integrate", thank you very much. We are quite happy as a free and relatively unoppressed nation. The simple fact that people from all over the world are willing to take the kinds of risks that your people do just to participate in our free (read that "capitalist") economy is proof in itself. Get a capitalist system of your own, and then just sit back and enjoy the ride. You will still have poor people, but they will be better off. If you took a look at the poor in America, you would see how rich they are by your country's standards. Of course, those bringing the increased prosperity to the poor through their talents and abilities will be able to enjoy the fruits of their successes too. This is why we have so many of yours trying to get over here. If anyone should be prosecuted, it should be you. Charges?? Human rights violations such as institutionalized poverty. Now go milk some goats.


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