I've Been Very Busy  

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

OK OK ...

Here's why I haven't posted anything in so long ...

What is there out there to comment on?

Terri Schiavo? She's dead, and along with her any hope we ever had of reining in these judicial fartnozzles who don't enforce congressional subpoenas or the laws writted by our legislators. If this is news to you, you are a raving lunatic. This has been going on for 30 years.

Pope John Paul? He's dead, too. I pray that his vision for the world lives on in whomever is chosen to succeed him. He was 84 years old and had been dealing with illness after illness for several months, not to mention Parkinson's Disease for several years. Love him as many of us did, his passing is, at this point, NOT news.

Carter not invited to go to the funeral? Well go figure. Jimmy Carter's contribution to world peace, especially with regard to the Soviet Union, was simple: Live and let kill. I wouldn't invite him, either. At least Clinton pulled the trigger on Milosevic. Carter? NOT NEWS.

A member of the Clinton Administration busted for shredding documents? Come on. Be serious here. The Clinton shredder must have had to have its blades replaced almost as frequently as Da Schlickness would drop his pants for the latest intern (or Yasser Arafat, whichever the case may have been). Once again, NOT NEWS.

So anyway, today I see a new Iraqi president has been chosen. Folks, it's 8PM and its still over 75 degrees out ... My porch is calling my name. Drop me a line in the comments if you feel like it. I'll be watching the game (whichever one is on).