Pray for Pope John Paul II  

Saturday, April 02, 2005

With Pope John Paul's condition reported as "very grave" and the world waiting with baited breath for the latest update on his health, let all in the Hall of RWRock offer our prayers for the man who, alongside President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher, played a major role in bringing the Evil Empire to its knees. This man was one of the greatest influences in bringing down the biggest communist threat of all time. Thanks largely to Pope John Paul, the evils of communism and socialism are no longer the news of the day, and the "Iron Curtain" has fallen.

Many have suggested that he may be known to history as "Pope John Paul the Great". If this holds true, it will be well-deserved. His support of religion in the world - ALL religions, not just Catholicism - has brought peace and personal tranquility to many more in the world than any person or philosophy could have. In the words of President Bush, he has clearly been a "champion of human dignity".

Pope John Paul, may your suffering be minimal, and when you have gone, may you rest in peace, and watch over us all with the love you showed us in life.