Here's One Way to Deal With It  

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Not sure exactly how I found my way to this, but here is a great story where someone in law enforcement actually DID SOMETHING about illegal immigration.

My hat is off to Chief Chamberlain. These people need to be shown by SOMEONE, whether it's the Border Patrol, the Minuteman Project, or good people like Chief Chamberlain, that Americans don't want these people in our country if they aren't going to follow our laws.

This guy (the police Chief in New Ipswich, NH) pulled over to check on a stopped vehicle and, upon finding that the driver was in the US illegally, charged him with criminal trespassing and operating a vehicle without a valid driver's license. The "undocumented alien" pleaded guilty to both and agreed to report to immigration officials by Friday (we'll see if that happens).

At any rate, Chief Chamberlain should be awarded a medal for doing his part to enforce the law (which happens to be his job) even when others won't or can't. It would be nice if more of our law enforcement officers would participate in this important national security task. Even something simple like misdemeanor charges along the lines of criminal trespass can send a message to the illegals and those who would aid and abet them.

No. It isn't going to stop them. But it WILL send a message. That cannot be a bad thing.