Just Got In from the Weekend Tour  

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Just got in from the weekend tour, folks!

Friday's show was weak, at best. It was an outdoor thing with a DEAD crowd. There were probably about two people there with a temperature over 95 degrees, other than those of us in the production. There were other issues, but im not getting into them. We got through it, and at this point, that's all that matters.

Tonight ... wow. A loud, lively crowd that just couldn't quit. We had to extend the second show about fifteen minutes just to make it fair. Some really amazing things happened musically tonight, and wow. I am definitely looking forward to next weekend's (mostly very light) schedule.

Anyway, I have tried to keep up with comments and stuff in the meantime, but I don't see a post coming on here for a few days, as I'm REALLY tired, and I will be spending some quality time with the fam. I also want to get some extra time with some musical stuff. My instruments haven't seen a lot of action while I have been out working as a tech.

At any rate, Happy Mother's Day to any moms out there that read here, and anyone who isn't a mom, please make sure you don't forget this very important person in your life. Even if you can't visit, at least place a call or pray for her soul if she has passed.

Also keep HS Delftsman and HS Mamamontezz in your prayers. Seems there's been a pretty bad accident. Everyone seems to be ok, but the cars are pretty much kaputt. These things can be pretty tedious. Hopefully everything will be ok.

My eyes grow heavy. It's after 4 am and I still stink of smoke. Yuck! Time for a shower and some shut-eye.