Newsweek Blows it Again and Farks Just Blows  

Monday, May 16, 2005

Big news today, huh?

Newsweek gets busted putting a bullshit story in print.

Vicente Farks opens his mouth and shit comes out yet again.

Where exactly is the news here?

Newsweek is just another MSM outlet spewing every anti-war, anti-conservative, anti-America diatribe it can dig up in whatever desert or toilet it can find. It's been hanging out with the likes of Dan Rather and CNN for a lot longer than anyone can remember. Newsweek publishing a story for the sole purpose of trying to hurt conservatives, Republicans, and President Bush no matter the cost, is NOT news.

Vicente Farks hates the Minutemen for insisting that American laws be obeyed. He hates mainstream Americans for supporting people who participate in defending our borders. Never mind that Americans have every right to both of the above. Farks using his friendship with the President to undermine US Homeland Security is NOT news.

Laurie Dhue is still the hottest babe on television. Well, that's not news, either, but it's worth more to me than Newsweek or Farks.