Vinnie the Crumb - Hopefully the Silence will be Temporary  

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

... Like a night with a really hot broad all good things must come .... to an end.

I'm not sure why WMMR didn't try to figure out a way to keep Vinnie the Crumb on the morning show there with the new crew coming in, but whatever the reason, his voice will be sorely missed on my daily drive to work.

Every day, I have looked forward to hearing Vinnie's "Sports Crumbs" report on the radio. His Friday rants were an inspiration to my own rants here in the blogosphere. His signature "That's what I think" even made it into our bowling lexicon. He is hands-down the best and most entertaining sports reporter I have ever heard.

Vinnie will apparently be continuing in his capacity as PA announcer for the Philadelphia Soul (AFL). I wish him well, and hope to find him on the radio again rantin' and ravin' soon.

Hats off to you, Vinnie! You're the best!!

I'm RightWingRocker, baby, and that's what I think!