Guys ... Please Shut Up About Weird Howard, OK?!!  

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

We're going to kill our own best ally if we don't start being more careful. Paul Greenberg is going after Howard Dean now (though he doesn't think the Donks will make an effective change). And the people he's quoting include the likes of Vice President Cheney and Ken Mehlman, who would do best to keep their traps shut when it comes to Dr. Dean at this point.

I realized recently that our penchant for calling Dean on every piece of shit that comes from his mouth may be detrimental to our cause. Many Donks are calling for his removal as DNC chairman. If they succeed, he may be replaced with someone who is more persuasive to the socialist agenda.

Remember - There are basically three kinds of Americans: 1. Freedom-loving Americans who cherish the Constitution and those who sought to secure our freedoms by giving their lives and their sacred honor in the process of giving us the Constitution, 2. Freedom-hating socialists who would rather dismantle the Constitution and replace it with a socialist/communist/fascist system that would discourage creativity and success by seeking to "equalize" everything, and 3. People who just "go with the flow" and try to make the best decision they can with whatever information they have accrued during the election cycle.

Howard Dean, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan ... take your pick ... None of these guys is going to do or say anything that will alter the voting tendencies of Americans of type 1. or 2. In order to win the Americans of type 3., one must pursuade.

Weird Howard is losing this group in a big way. Why call even more attention to his lunacy and make the Donks want to replace him? What if a Bill Clinton wound up in that position? Don't forget Bill Clinton's "Putting People First" campaign in 1992. Never mind the fact that "Putting People First" had nothing to do with putting people first and everything to do with putting GOVERNMENT first (one of the basic tenets of socialism). He was able to pursuade people (albeit through lies) that this was the way to go. He seemed like a pretty likeable guy, and Bob Dole waited WAY too long in 1996 to call him on his liberalism (never mind the fact that Dole wasn't much of a candidate to begin with - I'd rather vote for Liddy), so he got re-elected - because he was PERSUASIVE. A stealth socialist is the worst kind, and Hillary is trying to re-make herself in this image as well.

Look, Weird Howard is probably the best thing to happen to the Republicans and the rest of the conservative movement in a long time. Think about it. If all of the conservative parties unite in the next election to give the more conservative candidate not only the election, but a clear mandate (and I don't mean the kind Barney Frank in interested in) and a filibuster-proof conservative congress, the Donks are basically finished. Done. No influence at all. Zip. Zero. Nada. Every time this man opens his mouth, I'd be willing to bet at least another thousand or so voters move away from his fouled-up message. He is exposing the absolute joke that is the Democratic Party and the entire liberal establishment.

So guys, please. Come on. Just let Dr. Dean work his magic. If you get anywhere near him, just make sure you don't laugh too loud at what he says. Most importantly, JUST SHUT UP! The man is practically giving us the next election. Just let it be, ok?????