How to Elect a Liberal  

Friday, June 03, 2005

I have no problem posting this advice to Liberals regarding how to get elected and stay in power. Please, my fellow conservatives, do not get upset or agitated that I did this. Let's face it. None of this is going to happen.

This advice was first brought out by Rush Limbaugh, and it's becoming more and more apparent every day that he was right once again.

Take a look around you. Americans have more and more access to the conservative point of view every day. Limbaugh has become Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, et. al. Fox News has offered Americans balanced reporting that does not exclude the conservative viewpoint as CNN, MSNBC, and the networks do. The blogosphere has enabled Americans to put their own ideas into a readily-accessible forum that can be reached by anyone with an internet connection. Conservative ideas aren't suppressed in the blogosphere (and it damn well had better stay that way).

In order to get more liberals elected, all that has to happen is to have liberals stop pushing the socialist agenda and become conservative. There are not enough good liars like Bill Clinton to lie their way in. Simply ditch the whole liberal thing and become conservative.

Let's face it. The whole mantra of President Bush being "far right" is a whole lot of crap. It's bullshit, and the libs know it. Do you mean to tell me that his No Child Left Behind Act, one of the biggest expasions of a federal intrusion into states' rights, is "far right"? Just because it doesn't include the even bigger expansion you've been advocating doesn't make it "far right". How about partial privatization of Socialist Security? "Far right"? Hardly. Far right would be eliminating the idea of a federal retirement system entirely. Never mind that Socialist Security and federal education programs are unconstitutional in the first place.

In fact, Americans are fed up with the expansion of big government. Those who have read and understand the Constitution understand that constitutional rights are not "secured by Supreme Court precedents". The only way rights are constitutional is for them to be specifically enumerated in the Constitution. In fact, the Bill of Rights protects a person's right to life, so how can there be a constitutional right to being able to kill a child, as long as it's done a certain amount of time before he or she is born?

Failed socialism in countries on every continent hasn't taught the American Left a thing. Poverty is running rampant in countries that still espouse socialism. So many Mexicans are so impoverished in their homeland, forcing them to come into our country illegally just to make ends meet, that we have an illegal immigration problem.

Failed socialism in America hasn't taught the Left much, either. After unconstitutionally spending billions of dollars trying to eradicate poverty in America (where poverty is miniscule compared to elsewhere), poverty has only increased. After unconstitutionally spending billions of dollars trying to give retirees a better life, Americans now face a retirement system that has all but gone broke. Americans will have to fend for themselves in retirement, anyway. Go figure.

Think about the success liberals will experience if they would only stop kowtowing to the Teachers' Unions and the AFL-CIO, and simply work to get Americans to take responsibility for their own lives. Stop trying to punish successful people by taking what they have worked so hard for. Do away with the mindset that rich people don't use their weatlh to help others' wealth grow. Never mind all the judicial activism that's been used by liberals to usurp the Constitution. Instead, use the Constitution to cut back all of these things, and Americans will vote for you in droves.

Of course, there is a trade-off. Cutting back socialism means cutting back on your personal political power - cutting back on your ability to control people. You would have to put faith in the people to determine their own destiny without your help or interference. You would have to let them experience the consequences of their choices, both good and bad. You would have to learn to deal with poverty by inspiring people to bring themselves out of it on their own. You would have to learn to live with the sadness of helplessly seeing people fail when they refused to do the right thing. You would have to be able to look that young girl in the eye and, instead of offering her an abortion, ask how you could have better educated her, through your example, about the risks of having sex before being ready for parenthood. Engaging in tough love is never a comfortable situation, but it is more often right than wrong. You would have to derive your satisfaction not from knowing that you gave someone a fish, but from knowing that you taught him how to fish.

Of course, it's not going to happen. The liberals are finished.