Jason Buries Dean  

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Here I sit, hanging out with one of my favorite flavors (produced by Adolph Coors, et. al.), and POW! ... Another scalding of Weird Howard.

I have only one problem with all this, and I admit I'm quite guilty of it. All this attention we conservatives are paying this dumbass is likely to have him ousted as the head of the Donk party.

We need to tone it down a bit, I think. The more traction he thinks he has, the more loony things he will be apt to say. Of course the loonier he gets, the better it is for us, and therefore for America and her constitution.

At any rate, Jason did a great job of burying Dr. Dean in his post. If Americans are stupid enough to buy into Weird Howard's philosophy, then they will deserve the consequential poverty and loss of freedom. I doubt even the least intelligent Americans are THAT stupid.