Michael Jackson  

Thursday, June 16, 2005

OK, so Michael was found innocent. Does this mean that he, in fact WAS innocent?

Look, our court system is set up to let the guilty go free rather than convict an innocent. The prosecution didn't prove the case. No, I didn't watch the coverage. No, I really wasn't surprised at the verdict. Remember O.J. Simpson. There wasn't any doubt in my mind that he did it, but the prosecuter didn't prove he did. It's the same thing here in the Jackson case.

What is really stupid is the rampage of announcements we are getting from the Jackson lawyers that "Mr. White Out" won't be sharing his bed with any more young boys.

Mr. Galapagos, or whatever your name is, why the hell would you go before the whole world to make an announcement like that? You are basically proclaiming your client's guilt! My own DWI lawyer wouldn't have done anything so fucking STUPID! Look. All you did was cast a "reasonable doubt" on the prosecution's case. You did NOT prove that he did not do it. I did not follow the case on TV or whatever, as I knew what the outcome would be. That's right. I knew all along that you would successfully portray Michael Jackson as a black man who succeeded in a "white world" and would therefore be a target. It worked with O.J. Simpson, and it worked for you.

Don't get me wrong. I'm GLAD Michael walked. Not because he's now free to continue his shenanigans with the young boys he has been getting his jollies with, but because parents will now have to face the reality that they are in control of their kids' destiny. Parents will have to start paying attention to what is best for their children instead of just doing what they damn well feel like, kids be damned. In a way, this is a victory for the Constitution.

OK. That may be a little much, but let's take a look around. I'm all for sexual freedom (when it comes to those mature enough), but problems abound in America. AIDS, abortion, illegitimacy, poverty, divorce - the list goes on and on. How often do we stop and think about why each of us faces what we face? Most of the problems each of us faces are problems WE have created ourselves. Why in the world should we expect others to "take care of us" when WE are the ones who made the choice to place ourselves in that situation in the first place?

Case in point: my debt situation. I ran up a whole lot of debt. Should "Sir Loin of Beef" have to pay for my retirement because I did something so stupid and now have to live "paycheck to paycheck"? Of course not. Likewise, as a parent, I must stay on top of my kids and make sure that they are getting the best I can give them.

These incidents in the Jackson case all happened AFTER he settled out of court in a similar case. Any parent who would allow their child to be alone with this man after that very high-profile situation is an absolute NUTCASE. In fact, if I were on that jury, I might think that this kid's parents may have sent their kid into "Never Land" in the hopes that Jacko might try something they could profit from. Of course, they got it. Unfortunately for them, though, that possiblilty alone was more than enough to create a reasonable doubt.

Did Michael do it? Of course he did. Was he set up? I'm sure he was. Will MY kids ever get anywhere near him? I'll die first.