"Breezy" ... Sooo Apropos  

Friday, July 29, 2005

Hanging out over at Ranting Fox's new blog, I saw this comment (along with the included exchange) in response to the (correct) assertion that liberals want to rig operations to ensure America loses the War on Terror in the hopes that it will help them come election time:

Oh my god, are you kidding me? Liberals are the ones who CARE about the people. They want everyone to have an equal chance for a long life. To assume that "libs" want soldiers dead is just plain wrong (as well as evil!)
Comment by Breezy - July 28, 2005 @ 20:30 IST
Well, Breezy, can you think of any other way to explain it? Seriously, these people have demonstrated time and time again that the only thing they care about is their ability to maintain POWER. Ask Vince Foster just how much his liberal buddy Bill Clinton cares about people, him in particular. Ask Mary Jo Kopechne exactly how much Teddy Kennedy cares about people, her in particular. I guarantee they weren't given an equal chance at a long life. Kids murdered in abortions don't get an equal chance for a long life. Terri Schiavo didn't get an equal chance for a long life. All the way back to FDR, these people have thumbed their noses at the Founders and the people said Founders sought to protect.

What other way could there possibly be to explain the most successful military operations in the history of warfare being called "quagmires", and the miniscule number (by comparison) of casualties we have suffered to be so totally blown out of proportion? Why else would liberals go to such extremes, calling simple unfortunate collateral damage "targeting civilians".

You want to know who was targeting civilians? Saddam Hussein, that's who. Rape rooms, mass graves, torture chambers, and the like weren't used against simple "enemies of the state". They were used agains WHOMEVER THAT CRAZY RAT-BASTARD FELT LIKE USING THEM AGAINST. If it was the liberals who so cared about people, where were they when President Bush sought to end the Saddam Hussein regime? Hmm?? Never mind the fact that he violated the terms of the 1991 armistice, which, according to International Law, is grounds for resumption of hostilities. Illegal war? MY ASS!

Of course, the lovely and gracious Alli, responds:
The fact that you believe that, Breezy, makes me sad. Liberals don't care about
people, for all their talk of tolerance they don't tolerate ME or my beliefs, why should I tolerate their BS?
Comment by Alli - July 28, 2005 @ 21:45 IST

Excellent point, Alli. Liberals don't care a whit about people. If they did, they would recognize that the things they have sought to do, ostensibly to help people, have hurt them instead, and they would seek the same roll-backs the conservatives are pushing for. Of course, Breezy misses the point completely:

No, what liberals dont tolerate is intolerance, if that makes any sense. 100% of the liberals that I know, which is a lot, dont care if you are against abortion, believe in god, hold some moral superiority, etc, etc. We just dont like how you all want to mandate your beliefs, which then limit ours. Do you get what I mean? No one wants anyone dead, everyone wants the armed forces home, safe and sound.
Comment by Breezy - July 28, 2005 @ 22:42 IST
Well now, is that so??

Are the liberals willing to tolerate people being able to choose the school their kids go to? Nope. They are intolerant on that issue, and they have successfully mandated that belief, severely limiting people's ability to secure the kind of education they want for their kids.

Are the liberals willing to tolerate people being able to live without fear of their lives being taken away? Nope. If it's convenient for someone THEY deem special, then just go ahead and kill that baby or grandparent who's just being a blight on everyone else. They aren't even willing to tolerate a father having a say in whether a mother chooses life or death for her child, unless, of course, it's convenient for the mother, whom THEY have deemed special. Oh and are they tolerant of the father who wants his wife/girlfriend to kill the baby against her wishes? Nope, and they also won't tolerate his inability to pay for everything that child needs in his or her lifetime.

I, for one, am intolerant of this intolerance. And Breezy, the idea that your statement may not make sense has plenty of merit - because it doesn't make sense. You are just as intolerant of the opposing point of view as the conservatives you accuse of being intolerant. In fact, you are more so. Here's an example as to why:

Conservatives are, by and large, Constitutionalists and/or Federalists. This is the philosophy of self-governance, and each level of government (starting with the people and ending with the fed) gets LESS powerful. Local laws, for example, that do not interfere with the laws of other states or localities are out of the jurisdiction of those other states or localities, or even the federal government. The Congress and the Supreme Court, for example, cannot interfere with local laws unless they somehow violate the Constitution. This is exactly what the Founders had in mind. You dig?

You see, the degree to which people involve themselves in religion is a personal matter. You have NO SAY WHATSOEVER. Why? Because each person governs himself when it comes to religion. Each must react with TOLERANCE when another practices his religion nearby. Where is the ACLU when someone needs their religious freedoms defended? On the other side of the courtroom, that's where. The liberals over at the ACLU aren't tolerant at all.

It is the right of the individual municipality/state/etc. to determine which expressions of religion are appropriate for the local/state/etc. government to show. This is not mandating beliefs, since each is still free to worship (or not worship) as he pleases. It makes me sick to think that just because our President openly practices a religion, he is demonized by the God-hating liberals out there. Wanna take me on in a debate over the First Amendment?

The biggest problems I have with liberals include this intolerance, their insistence on dismantling the Constitution that people have fought so hard to defend over these last two hundred or so years, and their crippling unconstitutional socialism that has virtually destroyed the very people it was supposed to help. I want the soldiers to come home too, but I want them to come home VICTORIOUS.