One Week to Y Ted K Day.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I gave Donny an extra day to respond to my last post regarding the systematic dismantling of the Constitution. Still nothing. All I asked for was proof that the Constitution would allow any of the things that I called violations. Oh well. I just wish winning the argument would have at least included having to actually defend my position. Maybe I hoped Donny might see the light of truth and understand what has been going on here over the last century. Wishful thinking - and why am I not surprised? It's not like we have much in the way of open-minded leftists in this country. They call us conservatives "crazy" and "extreme", but seldom actually engage us in ways that could actually pursuade us to their point of view.

I suppose that's what I liked about Bobby Lindsay. Even though he was wrong on most things, he was at least honest about what he thought. He even stated, "I am not a moderate. I am a leftwing radical." He mentioned in one comment that he felt the Founding Fathers were wrong to put the Second Amendment into play. Ridiculous as this was, he was being honest, and he was engaging me on actual historical and constitutional terms. He established that he disagreed with the Founders, and explained why. Sure, he said a lot of stupid and nasty things about my point of view, but he was at least able to argue his point, even though he was wrong. I defended him against several of my readers who called him a troll. Why? Because he understood my point of view and attempted to pursuade me to his. Of course he called me names. ALL liberals do that. It is something I have expected and dealt with appropriately from day one. It's incredibly easy to separate substantive arguments from simple "moonbattery". Like him or not, Bobby presented an argument and challenged me to defend my position. That's what blogging is all about - the free and open exchange of ideas. This is why we have the First Amendment in America.

Anyway, the point of this post wasn't to sing praises to Bobby Lindsay, nor to more deeply bury Donny for being the moron that he is. The real point to this post is to remind everyone that Y Ted K Day is only one week away.

I have to admit that I've been awfully busy during a time when I usualy am not. I really haven't given that much thought to what I would do here on my blog to "celebrate" Y Ted K Day. The only idea I had that I thought I could pull off was to organize the "insurgency" against Senator Kennedy and just link to all the sites that actually participated. If you are posting something on Y Ted K Day, let me know in the comments section (with a link to your site), and I will link your post when I see that it is up. I will try to bring about some thoughts regarding the situation at Chappaquiddick and do what I can in a post of my own. In either case, the links will be included. I did promise this, so I will deliver. If I do fail to deliver, I will put up a post where everyone who put a legitimate link request (sorry, Kennedy supporters, you're not included) will get to call me an asshole in the comments section. Of course, with the creativity of most of my readership, even that could be some fun.

Bring it on!