Paul Jacob Hits It Out Again  

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Paul Jacob has done it again.

There are a few problems I had with Live 8, all of which Mr. Jacob brought right out as clear as day. First, Live 8's predecessor, Live Aid, was an effort to get people to reach into their pockets and donate to charities supporting impoverished people in Africa. Live 8 was nothing of the sort. Live 8 was an effort to get people to lobby for higher taxes, so that the federal government could add to the already crippling deficits by sending the money to African dictators.

Never mind that neither concert series will ever get one penny to a single poor person in Africa, since it all goes to pay for fancy cars and mansions for the dictators there. Live 8's goal was an increase in unconstitutional spending.

What Africa needs, as Mr. Jacob emphasizes, is FREEDOM. He said it in many excellent ways, but I think the best expression of that sentiment was this one:

Africa simply needs freedom. It won't be easy to come by. Never is. But it is a crusade that can and must be won by Africans themselves.

And that one is out of here! Home run, Paul Jacob. Maybe if the National League had him on their roster they might have stood a chance ...