TripleNeck's Challenge to the Left  

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I've tried to stay away from Donny's page. He doesn't deserve the traffic. Read any comment he has made on this blog, and you will clearly see what I mean.

But I was recently reminiscing on a comment or two that I had made there, and a few that I had read, and I noticed that HS TripleNeckSteel had gotten the last word in a particular string with this comment - a challenge to Don and his friends:

So when are you leftist asshats going to take a stab at actually repudiating something one of us says, rather than invariably resorting to patent dismissals followed by ad hominem attacks? At least when we insult you, it's after we've established that you can't hang in a debate with us-- for you twits and twats, it's your primary (and often your only) tactic.

*crickets chirp, fold their little cricket arms, and tap their little cricket toes while waiting for the reasoned response even they know isn't forthcoming*

When are you simpletons going to realize that we don't make our estimation of you leftists based on what we read in the liberal-dominated mainstream media, but on your own gaseous effluvia?

There are leftist blogs and newspapers, you know. We read them.

Anytime one of us calls you on the absurdity of your mewlings, you practically fall over each other to liken us to Nazis. Instead of making argument, you slam my writing. Nobody else had any trouble with its construction, so it's either collective illiteracy on your part, or collective hysterical blindness that prevents you from reading properly. It definitely sounds like the problem's on your end and not mine, Don(g).

I have a challenge for you perpetual short-bus riders:

Let's see if you can conduct an argument without:

A) Labelling us as, or even merely likening us to Nazis.

B) Dismissing us and/or our sources as "misguided", "evil", or "brainwashed".

C) Citing known enemies of the US such as Noam Chomsky, or leftist propaganda sites like DU, Indymedia, or Saudi-funded "think-tanks". Limit yourself to accepted historical record, if you can.

You know you can't, I know you can't, and you shall doubtlessly display that again for all seventeen readers of your blog.

There were no answers to this, and I gave it some serious thought. When has Donny come around here and actually pursuaded anyone? We had better luck with Bobby Lindsay, for sure. At least Bobby made an effort to pursuade us to his point. OK, well his point was crap, but he didn't do the things Donny was doing here. He presented evidence (though flimsy) that might make his point rather than just throw around DNC talking points and left-wing bullshit as if they were proven as fact.

I challenge Donny and his ilk to go through this blog, choose a post to argue with, and meet the challenge set forth by HS TripleNeckSteel. You didn't meet the challenge on your own blog, so I'm giving you a second chance here.

It would be nice to see you demonstrate exactly why you deny that there is a systematic effort on the part of the Left to dismantle and/or usurp the Constitution. I have offered considerable proof on this blog that there is. Why exactly am I wrong? Come on, guys. Show me. Where does the Constitution say any of this is legal? What is it about my point of view that makes me a xenophobic redneck? I've been waiting for weeks for you to answer these questions.

I have serious doubts about these morons' ability to present a coherent argument. I've been asking them (Donny in particular) for a clear explanation of their point of view for some time now, and all I've gotten is a bunch of the crap TripleNeck cites in his challenge. Maybe I should have Donny point out exactly what fault he finds in my "sentence structure", since that seems to be a big beef of his. Man, this kind of shit pisses me off.