What Were These Terrorists Thinking?  

Thursday, July 07, 2005

When I learned about the terror attacks this morning in London, my initial reaction was, of course, one of sorrow for the victims. Once through that, however, I got to thinking about the consequences of the attack for the long haul. These terrorists must have a death wish for themselves and their cause. The British will now increase their resolve, and increase their support for Tony Blair, who will obviously be stepping things up in the UK's involvement in the War on Terror.

I have hit a few blogs that have told the story quite well, so I will not try to do it myself at this point. Instead, I will drop a few links. More links in the comments section are welcome.

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These blogs are all blogs that I read. Sherri's is a new addition this week, also Bleeding Right.

If any special thoughts come to mind, I'll post.