The Castle Coalition - More Positive Outrage against Kelo  

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It is about time Americans started standing up for the rights granted them by God and guaranteed by the Constitution. Kelo v. New London is one of the biggest power-grabs the US government has been guilty of in all the years of judicial activism.

The Institute for Justice has begun building "The Castle Coalition", which has announced a $3 million "Hands Off My Home" campaign. The focus of this effort is to concentrate the public outrage against Kelo into the courts and legislatures.

I've posted about the Kelo case already. It is clear to anyone who has read the Bill of Rights that there is no provision for taking people's property in the fashion that occurred here. It was such a blatant violation of guaranteed constitutional rights that even judicial activism-favoring liberals are pissed about it.

Unfortuantely, we have this case before us courtesy of the American Left. The liberals set the stage for these judicial shenanigans. See my post from June 29 regarding Alan Colmes's reaction to the Kelo case. The usurpation of the Constitution and the violation by the government of constitutional rights has been a recurring theme on this blog.

The Constitution is the law. Therefore, these judicial activists need to face the appropriate consequences. I challenge any liberal to demonstrate how the courts can legally engage in this sort of behavior.

Thank God there are Americans willing to stand up to it.