Franken for Senate? If Only!  

Thursday, August 04, 2005

OK OK ...

Michael Harison of Talker magazine is quoted by Beth Gillin of Knight Ridder News Service as saying of Al Franken,

He's dedicated to politics and his own celebrity (as opposed to radio broadcasting). I think he'll drop out to run for office.
Frankenstein has moved to Minnesota, and AirBetweenTheEarsAmerica is moving his show there from New York in January. Gillen suggests this may have something to do with a possible 2008 Senate run.

Yeah, OK, Al. Move to Minnesota and give it a whirly if you want. Just remember this: Rush Limbaugh is kicking your ass in Minnesota just like he is in New York. It doesn't have much to do with his conservative positions, though, Al. Not in the sense that it's YOUR sorry ass he's kicking.

Al, what it has to do with is your off-the-charts loony whackjob ideas and political philosophies. Americans don't want your socialism running rampant around our country. Quite frankly, you would do America much more good as Weird Howard Dean's press secretary. Between the two of you, you could make the liberal agenda so clear that there wouldn't be any of you left in office at all. Now THAT would be a good thing!