Israel Pulls out of Gaza  

Thursday, August 18, 2005

OK. Israel is pulling out of Gaza. Naturally, there is some resistance from the Israelis who live there. I've been thinking about this situation today, and I've come to two conclusions:


It cannot be overemphasized how important an event this is in the War on Terror. When trying to seem reasonable, the terrorists say they want a homeland for the Palestinians. Here's their chance to make good on that - Here's your homeland, guys; it's even largely the area that you wanted. Although the fate of Jerusalem may yet be unresolved, this puts a huge damper on any terrorist claims that they are fighting to establish a Palestinian homeland. This development will allow the terrorists who have been honest with us to make good on their word.


The overwhelming majority of terrorists who have been saying this have NOT been honest with us. Their true objective is the elimination of Israel altogether. This situation will have no effect whatsoever on the peace process in the Middle East. The war will continue, and terrorists will continue to try to bring down the free people of the world. Remember, these people aren't about peace. They are about imposing their religion and way of life on everyone else. As long as there are free people and non-fanatic muslims, these barbarians will continue their shenanigans.

The strategic importance of this development in the war, again, cannot be overemphasized. The fact that the enemy has been given the opportunity to "put its money where its mouth is" may bring more nations to the cause if that opportunity is not taken. It won't be. Like I said before, these people really couldn't care less if the Palestinians had their own country. Their real reason for being is to bring everyone to their way of thinking or kill them.