A Soldier Puts his Money where his Mouth Is  

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I am proud to have "armybryan" as one of my new readers.

He comes to the RWRepublic by way of John Hawkins' rightwingnews.com. The story of his arrival is quite a touching one ...

I was reading that blog, as noted in the last post. He was participating in a mass cluebatting of a couple of neo-antiwar Woodstock-relic pinko-commie Bush-hating liberidiots, and boy was he good. Again, see the links in the last post.

Of course, these idiots were telling all of us that he was WRONG about what was going on in Iraq. Can you imagine the absolute unmitigated gall of these people? This man is IN IRAQ. He is most likely in the line of fire, or close to it, EVERY DAY. I doubt there are many people who would know better than he exactly what is going on there. In fact, I KNOW there aren't. If Bryan has confidence in the success of the operation, then I have the same.

I am looking forward to Bryan's continued readership, and more importantly, his comments. Not just on Iraq issues, but any comment he feels he needs to make.

Bryan has already posted some very important comments, some of which are included in the last post, where I challenge one of the aforementioned morons to a bet of sorts. HS Delftsman Upped the ante and threw a steak dinner into the mix if "Freder" would bet him, too. I, of course declined for financial reasons, but Bryan stepped up:

If nothing else, you can point out that you are more balanced that those on the left, and that you can actually see benefits to both sides. OK, just kidding. The page looks good. Oh yeah, about the bet with Freder, I will treat for the steak dinner if you lose.

5 months left until I get back to the US, until then, keep the faith and keep up the good work.


armybryan 08.24.05 - 8:15 am #
If this soldier, stationed in Iraq, is this confident in the US's imminent success in Iraq, then I will share that confidence. It's a safe bet. Bryan won't have to buy anyone a steak dinner, nor will Delfts. Of course, there's still no word on whether Freder plans to accept my challenge anyway. Either he hasn't seen my challenge, which is a possibility, or he's just a total PUSSY, which is a given.