The Spin Stops Here ... Let's All Get Framed!  

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Patrick Hynes has put up a gem today.

Turns out, the Donks aren't going to utilize "spin" anymore. Well, at least they're not going to call it that. Their new name for lying to Americans in the hope of getting them to accept wacky Donk programs and stupid ideas is "framing".

So now, instead of "putting a spin" on Socialist Security reform, they will be "framing the issue". Of course, a lie is a lie, and some Donks are experts at it. Bill Clinton lied to us for eight years, even committed perjury, and because he and his Donk pals so expertly lied about it and contorted the issue, as if people who lie about sex under oath don't get the same punishment as those who lie about other things under oath. They did such a great job of it that hardly anyone remembers the Schlickmeister losing his law license over it.

Ted Kennedy did such a great job of "framing" in a speech 36 years ago that hardly anyone in Taxachusetts remembers what he did to Mary Jo Kopechne. And look how many people believed him when he falsely accused the President of telling "lie after lie after lie after lie after lie" about the intelligence he himself had reviewed prior to the US resuming war with Saddam Hussein. But of course, it's not a lie when a Donk tells it ... it's spin ... no wait ... it's "framing".

Luckily, only a few of these asswipes are any good at this. Weird Howard Dean absolutely sucks at it, and luckily for us on the right, he won't shut up. Thanks to the way the Donks "framed" the judicial filibuster issue, they lost 6 Senate seats in 4 years, including Tom "Puff" Daschle's seat. So if that's what this "framing" thing is all about, bring it on!