Back from the Weekend (posted yesterday)  

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hey, folks!

RWR here ...

Blogger seems to be having some issues today, so my Monday "return from touring" post will just have to sit in the coments section for now...

The weekend was exhausting. Too little time in between performances to be able to rest much. Thanks to a cancellation for Sunday night, however, I was able to get some shuteye last night. SOME. I'll need some rest this week, too, since another busy weekend of touring is in the cards this week. Posting will be light starting around Thursday.

I've been making the effort to avoid certain subject matter here on this blog, including the Sheehag (if she's still out there), Justice Roberts, and Hurricane Katrina. this is mainly because other bloggers are doing a wonderful job of this already, and I'm busy enough that I can focus on the more general issues that don't require up-to-the-minute news for an effective presentation.

Some ideas I've been kicking around are:
- Defending big business
- Demonstrating the inappropriateness of left-wing accusations that conservatives are "Nazis".
These ideas come from either conversations with liberals I see regularly, or from moonbat comments on this blog.

Of course, my blog-run often changes the course of what kind of post I do. I love the concept of sharing thoughts in the blogosphere, and the challenge of defending what is right against those who wish to tear America down and rebuild it in a Marxist image.

Also, welcome to any new readers. Blogging would be such a drag without people to read and comment.


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