Trembling and Puking at DU  

Sunday, September 04, 2005

If you want a good laugh, you oughta stop by Democratic Underground today. I normally don't give DU links from this blog because they do not allow comments from anyone except left-wing pinko commie whack-jobs whose sole purpose in life is to dismantle America and everything she stands for.

Justice Rehnquist passed this weekend (see today's earlier post). God rest his soul.

But the clowns at DU wasted no time in using this situation to start up with anti-American and anti-Bush rhetoric only the likes of themselves could think up.

Right out of the chute is a thread stating the President is going to be impeached, and that even right-wingers would advocate it. Not a whole lot of eulogizing for Justice Rehnquist, I can tell you that. Of course, what would you expect from DU?

I have a message for DU the Left:

When we on the right complain about President Bush and/or give him bad marks for things like the war and social reform, it's because we think he's doing you clowns too many favors. We want him to step things up in Iraq and other fronts in the War on Terror, not surrender and withdraw, as you would have. We want him to TOTALLY privatize Socialist Security and get the federal government out of the business of trying to help people who would be better off helping themselves. We want him to SCRAP the tax system that punishes people for being successful and replace it with something that makes sense, such as a "flat tax" or a "consumption tax" - and something with STRICT LIMITS on the government's ability to tax. We want him to do everything he can to return the federal government to its constitutional restraints - something you people fight against day after day.

Furthermore, there will be no impeachment of President Bush by a House and Senate dominated by his own party. President Bush will do the right thing and nominate a justice to the court who will APPLY THE CONSTITUTION. All you will be able to do is watch and whine as your nutty Senators show America, for all to see, just how loony you guys really are. Then Weird Howard and "Mother Sheehan" (that's one of the funniest ones I've heard in a LONG time) will go out there and seal the deal. America belongs to the free, not to the government, not to those who would allow the government to make all their decisions for them, but to the FREE.

As I have always maintained, the conservative point of view always wins in the end, because of the basic longing of the human spirit to be free. Sometimes freedom has its challenges, such as natural disasters in Louisiana or terrorist attacks in New York, that make people sometimes wish there were another way. There isn't. People standing on their own and succeeding for themselves will always be the best way. Succeeding in the face of adversity makes people stronger and wiser. New Orleans will be the prime example of this when all is said and done, as New York is today.

So you wackos over at Democratic Underground can go ahead and spew your nutty fruitcake rants all you want. Join Weird Howard and the Sheehag in their kicking and screaming about the freedom-loving people of America taking their country back at the expense of your silly little ideology. All it does is solidify America as the true outpost of freedom in the world. The funniest part of it all is that you don't even realize that just about everyone in this country is laughing at you so hysterically that we can't even get through the thread.