Weekend Tour Starts Today  

Friday, September 16, 2005

WOW ...

Those last two posts, plus last week's scathing confrontation with the DUmmies, really brought it on. Some of my best stuff ever. If you missed them, please do make it a point to check them out!

In the meantime, it's time for me to yet again cover some real estate on a weekend tour. I'll be able to post again sometime Sunday. I may wait till Monday, depending on what I feel like when I get back.

I saw The Old Sage yesterday, and he said he was organizing his thoughts for a new post. You may want to go over to Rocker and Sage and see if he's got anything up. He's had a long dry spell, so you can expect something with a punch (always with a Libertarian fist) if he does get something up there.

Special "linky love" to the newest Honorable Soldier of the RWRmy. Go visit Ranting Fox. She's always got good stuff up there. Soon, we'll be promoting our more vocal HS's to the higher rank of XR ("Xenophobic Redneck").

Also, coming soon the the BlogRWRoll is a blog I've been enjoying a lot lately, DUmmieFunnies. This site takes making fun of liberals to the max. If you want to laugh, go there. Gotta love those liberals. They give us some of the best laughs, don't they?