For Once, Paul Jacob is Wrong  

Monday, October 17, 2005

Yes, I have found a situation where I disagree with Paul Jacob, one of my favorite columnists.

He got the bat on the ball, but was thrown out trying to stretch a siingle into a double.

Paul is right about just about everything in his column, except for one key issue, aid to countries in Africa and Asia. Paul, the issue shouldn't be whether we set money aside to send DDT to these countries. The issue should be whether we send them anything at all, at least from taxpayer funds.

If Americans want to send money to Africa and/or Asia, they should have every opportunity to do so, but the government does not have the constitutional authority to do any of this. No authority to conduct research on DDT, no authority to ban its use, no authority to provide or deny DDT or money to other countries.

Americans, in their incredible generosity, can and will do more to help these people than the government can or will, including seeing to it that any necessary DDT makes its way to where it's needed. The truth about DDT itself was a nice hit, though.