I Hope I Haven't Been Boring You  

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I know these posts on the "New Federalism" have been long and drawn out. However, the longer posts have been necessary to emphasize the complete thoughts I have had about this concept.

In the spring, when I first envisioned the idea of a coalition of parties coming together to challenge the Republicans to act as the conservatives they claim to be, I suggested that such a coalition might form the basis of a new party that would replace the Republicans as the conservative political party in America. I came to this belief simply on the premise that there really is no party on the Left that could replace the Donks, and no coalition that could be formed to do so, since the Democratic Party has already incorporated all the other liberal factions into itself (heard anything from the "Green Party" lately? I didn't think so). Therefore, once the Donks go down, there's only one way to go - to the right.

With this in mind, and the extremely rapid rate at which the Democrats are coming apart at the seams, it is important that a viable conservative faction make its presence known in America so that the Republicans either move in the direction they say they want to go, or are replaced as the conservative party in America.

That is what the faction that I have called "The Federalist Party" (maybe a better name would be the "Federalist Coalition" for now) is all about. Forcing the Republicans to either move to the right where their voters come from, or be replaced as America's conservative party and eventually face the current fate of the Democrats.

Anyway, while I am working on a possible platform for this faction (yes, someone's gotta do it), I will be looking for other things to blog about, so that I'm not boring my readers who come here for other reasons (yes, Ol' BC ... I will try for a rant ... in fact, it'll be dedicated to you hahaha).

Thank God that the end is near for American Socialism.


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