Maybe This Could be a Possible Solution  

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Liberals seem to want to turn the United States into a liberal Utopia.

They've tried and failed countless times to do it, both here and in other countries as well.

Why not help them find a place to go so that those of us who want to simply live the American Dream of freedom and prosperity as envisioned by the Founding Fathers can do so in peace?

Why not help them find a place where a pristine, undisturbed wilderness prevails? A place where there is no dirty air anywhere? A place where "global warming" can never be a serious issue? A place where they can start completely anew with whatever socialism they want, and spread it to all four corners of the globe without disturbing a single capitalist?

I believe there may be such a solution. It could be pretty costly to get them there initially, but the money everyone in the world would save would be well worth the investment ...


This just makes sense. The perfect solution to our world's single most annoying and pressing problem.