New Jersey Politics  

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I've avoided New Jersey politics for a few reasons, not the least of which is my home state's stature as one of America's honeypots of socialism (which makes it too much of a complaint to comment on too often), but I have intended for some time to weigh in on the current race for governor, and with the election only two short weeks away, this could very well be the right time.

Doug Forrester, whose Senate seat was stolen from him by the Democratic Party's organized crime bosses who used our state's liberal courts to change their candidate after the legal deadline to do so simply because they knew their candidate was toast, is now giving our other Senator, Jon "pass the pork" Corzine, a serious run for his money. They are vying for the governor's position vacated by "Backdoor Jim" Florio McGreevey, who resigned in disgrace after it got out that he had placed a foreign national in a position that required a security clearance inappropriate for such a person (it was later discovered that the guy was McGreevey's own butt-buddy from Israel).

The NJ Donk party's ties with organized crime have long been known, but as long as they keep up with their signature "Rob from the Rich and Pretend to Give to the Poor" schemes, New Jerseyans will likely keep putting liberals into the Governor's mansion. Even our last Republican governor was a liberal.

It seems that someone is planning some kind of "October surprise" that may put Forrester over the top. While Doug wasn't the most conservative candidate we had to choose from, he would certainly be an improvement over all the liberal bullshit we've have to deal with. Whatever it is, I doubt it will be much of a surprise. Donks in New Jersey have a long history of corruption.