O'Reilly's Poll Question  

Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Thursday blog-run always includes a stop by BillO'Reilly.com. While I was too early today to get to his current column, his current poll question, which I did not answer, begs some commentary (which is why I did not answer it). Today, Bill asks:

Do you believe President Bush will finally secure the border?

My answer, quite plainly, is "I don't know." I can, however, give you a pretty good idea of what I believe the ramifications of his decision will be.

If President bush ultimately chooses to secure the border, and does so in earnest (which may not happen even if he does pledge to secure the border), he must do the WHOLE job and send as many illegals home as possible. Failure to do so will minimize the effect of securing the borders, and may even defeat the purpose.

Of course, there will be MASSIVE whining and bitching and moaning from Vicente Farks and the rest of his goons in Mexico. This will be followed and/or accompanied by the United Socialist Nations engaging in the same, along with any other whiners in the "world community" that depend on illegal immigration of its citizens into the US for their livelihood. Oh, and from the whiners on the left and the ACLU, etc. President Bush would be wise to simply ignore all of this and do the right thing.

If President Bush ultimately chooses to ignore this very important constitutional duty, the States and the citizens of those states will be forced to take the law into their own hands and enforce the borders themselves. This will draw the same whining and bitching and moaning that would occur had President Bush taken care of it as he should. Until the President embarks on real border security in earnest, they will be wise to ignore the whiners.

This will be difficult for the States and citizens to manage, but they are, after all, doing the federal government's job. They would be justified in complaining (and whining and bitching and moaning) that the federal government should be doing this, and they would be right to demand that the federal government pay for it. They would be right to file lawsuits against President Bush and the federal government for abdicating their responsibility under the constitution to secure the borders of the country. You can expect the illegal immigration problem to continue as well.

Our government has its priorities screwed up. Its constitutional duties are shirked and ignored, while it infringes upon the rights and responsibilities of the States and the people on a daily basis. Securing the borders SHOULD be the number one priority on the federal government's domestic agenda. The fact that it isn't should tell you something.