Part VI Tomorrow - I Hope  

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Just got back from a nice little one day tour in our Nation's Capital. While I didn't get to see much, I did finally finish my tenure with the old band, and will now be touring exclusively with the new. It was a sad day, and a very amiable parting. An interesting way to spend my birthday ...

Anyway, I've been working on Part VI: The Common Defense where time has allowed. Hopefully I'll have it up sometime tomorrow. This is a tough one because I do have a disagreement or two with the New Federalists on this part of the platform, and I am trying to choose my words carefully, so as to be clear on what I do agree with and on what I don't. Hopefully I don't get into too much of a rush knowing that I want to get the f-ing thing posted.

Rock on!