Cindy Sheehan - NOT GUILTY  

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Though I have not been able to confirm this via the web, it was reported this morning on a local radio station that communist activist (using her war-hero son's death as a bully-pulpit) Cindy Sheehan has pleaded not guilty to charges of demonstrating without a permit.

OF COURSE she's not guilty. Any law that places restrictions on peaceful free speech is a clear violation of the First Amendment right thereto. Look. This woman has proven herself, time and again, to be a left-wing extremist nutjob who has done more to hurt her cause than to help it. The more she spouts, the more annoying she gets. She isn't changing any minds. No one has embraced socialism because of her, and she has won very few, if any, converts to her anti-war cause. Nonetheless, she has every right to say what she says, however loony she is, and any person or law that stands in the way of her nonviolent and constitutional (though clearly idiotic) protests and/or speeches must be struck down.

Quite frankly, Mrs. Sheehan's such a lunatic that she actually helps the very president she is trying to bring down with every word of protest. The sad thing is that she has dishonored her son's memory in ways that take supporters of HIS cause to rebuild.

I say, let her protest. Let her be seen in public with established losers and whackjobs like Michael Moore and Hanoi Jane. I can think of no better way of making the point that the anti-war movement is nothing more than a bunch of insane freaks with too much free time.

Anyone who gets in her way is breaking the law.