Fencing Out the Illegals  

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This morning, there was some discussion on the radio about illegal immigration, particularly from Mexico. Anyone who has been reading this blog knows exactly where i stand on the issue. I favor legal immigration, and oppose illegal immigration. I believe that Americans must use their rights to defend our country against this scourge, especially when our government drops the ball. This position has been expressed repeatedly in posts supporting the Minuteman Project:

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That last post was a message to the Mexicans as to how to turn their country around so that people would want to stay there (not to take anything away from the excellence of the other posts), including this little ditty, which included an excerpt from Mexico's Constitution:

Article 11. Everyone has the right to enter and leave the Republic, to travel through its territory and to change his residence without necessity of a letter of security, passport, safe-conduct or any other similar requirement. The exercise of this right shall be subordinated to the powers of the judiciary, in cases of civil or criminal liability, and to those of the administrative authorities insofar as concerns the limitations imposed by the laws regarding emigration, immigration and public health of the country, or in regard to undesirable aliens resident in the country.

This basically means that the Mexican government can't place restrictions on people entering or leaving Mexico, as long as Mexican laws are obeyed. It also makes clear that the limitations placed upon such people by the laws of the country in question are to be respected. Check my emphasis for proof. You are in violation of your own constitution by allowing these people to do what they do, fartknocker. You're lucky we don't send a few Tomahawks in to let you know how we REALLY feel.
Yes. You read that right. Accoding to Mexico's constitution, Mexicans have a GUARANTEED RIGHT to go wherever they want without documentation. Because of this, Mexico's government is NEVER going to do anything to help us or any other country that seeks to limit immigration from Mexico, even though there is a clause in the same article that requires that our laws be respected. Vicente Farks will instead try to bully us into changing our laws to accomodate his sorry-ass little whim. That's why I wouldn't mind sending a few missiles into Mexico City to make the point.

Of course, today's discussion on the radio had no direct connection to the Minuteman project or to Farks. It was about the idea of building a fence, or a wall, along the US-Mexican border to keep these people at bay. I would also advocate something similar along the Canadian border.

One of the biggest problems we have with regard to illegal immigration and securing our borders so that terrorists can be better kept at bay, is that no one, save for the Minutemen, is really willing to do anything to send a real message to these people. The Minuteman Project sent the message, and the "fence" will too ... If you want in, follow the laws and get in LEGALLY. If you're not willing to obey our laws, we don't want you here.

A wall is not a new idea, and I wouldn't say it would have to be something patrolled in the same way as, say the Berlin Wall (which was built to keep people IN East Germany). Walls have been used for millennia to keep undesirables away from those being protected. Hadrian's Wall, the Great Wall of China, the many walled cities in Germany and Central Europe. In ancient times, virtually EVERY MAJOR CITY had a wall around it to keep invaders out. Read the comments on my recent post about border security, and you will see what "Jesus Sanchez" thinks. Granted, this nutjob could just be a simple troll or even an satirist, but I'm certain, given the amout of crime committed in this country by illegals, that a significant number of them must subscribe to this philosophy.

Once built, such a fence would decrease the amount of manpower required to patrol the region efficiently, since those coming over it would be more easily trackable due to their first having to clilmb and descend. The cost of the fence would easily be made up in the decrease in the number of border patrol agents that we currently need to hire to efficiently patrol the same area.

I believe this is the right way to go. For more information, go to WeNeedAFence.com.