Get Your Barf Bags Ready  

Monday, November 07, 2005

Get your barf bags ready. We've got to get together and say something completely awful this week. There is a bright side, however.

We will be electing a new governor for New Jersey tomorrow to replace "Backdoor Jim" McGreevey. The polls are close, and I am definitely not casting a vote for him, but Senator Jon Corzine has this thing won, much to the detriment of the people of New Jersey.

One ... two ... three ... Governor Jon Corzine ............. BAARRRFFFFF!

It will take a lot more than education to show our fellow New Jerseyans that socialism is a guaranteed failure, and that the capitalist conservative agenda is the real salvation from these problems we face.

However, there is a bright side - it is clearly better to have this big-spending Marxist in Trenton only wasting New Jerseyans' money than it is to have him in Washington wasting everyone else's money as well.

Now let's get us a Constitutionalist into our newly-vacated Senate seat!