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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Some interesting stuff was said over at RWN in this thread about our new Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito, not the least of which were some comments directed at me by one of the liberidiots (GoSox from Massachusetts) who often comments there. Of course, his problems were the direct result of his inability to take a joke. When will these liberals get themselves a sense of humor?

Besides, my comments had clear merit. Here's a great example of Mr. GoSox's writings:

Also, it's not about protecting mass murderes. I honestly believe there are criminals in this world who deserve to die. I just don't think the state is capable of making that decision on a consistant basis. The states have a hard time paving rodes yet they can say who lives and who dies?

by GoSox on 2005-10-31 15:23:29
Now, let me preface my comments with the fact that Mr. Gosox asserts that he is a teacher. I do not doubt this, in all honesty. Since most teachers feel pretty good about the life they live under the status quo, they tend to advocate positions consistent with those who support their cause (or maybe it's just that people who support this cause like the idea of the life a teacher lives under the status quo...). However, Mr. GoSox's dismal ability to spell not only words like "consistent", a word which is essential to the successful teacher, but also simple words like "roads", which most second-graders could easily handle, makes me laugh. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on "murderers", since that could clearly be a typo. Mr. GoSox's spelling is deficient in many of his posts, which is an indication to me that he, as a teacher, probably leaves quite a bit to be desired. I'm not saying the spelling tendencies of my more conservative colleagues at RWN are impeccable, but they, of course, make no claim to be educating anyone's children. In the thread, I handle the situation with a friendly tease (in my own sarcastic tradition, of course):
It's a beautiful day in this country when the Constitution gets to celebrate a victory such as this.

Now if only GoSox, allegedly a teacher, could spell ...

by RightWingRocker on 2005-10-31 18:53:33
One conservative reader/writer caught on to the fun and put up this cute comment:
^He must practice Outcome Based Education.
by CoolCzech on 2005-10-31 18:59:20
To which I, in the tradition of good humor, and in a clear reference to Massachusetts' idiotic endorsement of gay marriage:
Or come-out based education hehe

Sorry Gosox ... I couldn't pass it up.


by RightWingRocker on 2005-10-31 19:02:45
Let's face it. This was FUNNY, and clearly derived from something both real and ridiculous that has occurred in real life. Of course, GoSox has NO SENSE OF HUMOR WHATSOEVER ...
Pardon me if my spelling isn't always spot on on a message board. Shall I start to proof your work? I mean you are a college student right?

As for the come out joke, I'm not surprised to find out you're a homophobe RWR, but you know what they say about guys that fear the queer...

by GoSox on 2005-10-31 20:57:29
OK, first with the spelling. First of all, I think we can all expect a teacher to be able to spell the word ROADS, and a teacher who misspells the word CONSISTENT has some issues, too. I gave you the typo. I do understand that even the best teachers don't always type well. I do think, however, that it says a lot about the state of education when those teaching our students do not even have basic spelling skills.

As for proofing my work, Mr. GoSox, you can go right ahead. You will find some typographical errors, but I will easily clean your clock when it comes to spelling and grammar on ANY POST.

Oh, and I'm not a college student. I happen to make my living in the classroom just like you. I am a fully certified teacher of music and elementary school in the state of New Jersey. I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education with a minor in Jazz Studies from one of the top music education institutions in the United States. I spend my day teaching students how to make beautiful music using instruments and/or their voices, and communicating with administrators and parents. When my day is finished, I go home to my family, and further my interests in music by writing, arranging, and performing music as a business for extra money.

As for the come out joke, you need to go to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy yourself a fucking sense of humor. I do not subscribe to the idiotic notion that in order to make a joke about something, I must fear or hate it. I make many jokes daily about myself. Does that mean I fear or hate myself? I make jokes daily about my friends, and they do the same back. Does this mean we hate and/or fear one another? Humor makes a tough day easier, and an easy day exciting. You can make jokes about me all you want, just as long as they are FUNNY. People who get offended as easily as you do should not be teachers. I can only imagine how you react when students poke fun at you. When mine do, I do the right thing. I LAUGH. Get over yourself.

As to your assertion that I am somehow a homophobe (hopefully you were joking, in which case a chuckle is in order), or possibly even gay, simply because I made a gay joke, I'll tell you a little about myself on that front:

While I am not gay and do not support gay marriage, I do support equal rights for homosexuals. They can already marry members of the opposite sex and raise children with them just as heterosexuals can. If they choose a homosexual relationship as their life's pursuit, then they have CHOSEN to forfeit those things. They should not, however, be barred from visiting their "beloved" in the hospital, for example, or from being able to name their "beloved" as beneficiaries on their insurance policies or their wills, etc.

Gay people do not scare or bother me. Most of them couldn't hurt me if they tried. I have never had to compete with gay men for women's attention, and gay women steer clear of me anyway. Some of my favorite relationships in my lifetime have been with bisexual women, many of them liberal. I have never placed a woman's politics in any kind of high regard in determining who would be a good person to have around.

I hate no one, except, perhaps, people who hate. I have seen so much more hate coming from liberals than conservatives, it's not even funny. It really annoys me when liberals accuse conservatives of being involved in hate when they are simply doing what they believe is best for everyone, including those they are accused of hating. Maybe you can enlighten me as to why they do this, GoSox. It's utterly rude and disingenuous.

I have reason to doubt GoSox could have been joking above. Check out this comment:
And RWR what's this "Allegedly a teacher" crap? Wh the hell lies about being a teacher? I mean, I love what I do but it's not exactly a highly respected or sought after position.
by GoSox on 2005-10-31 21:00:52
Speak for yourself. Around here, the position of "teacher" is pretty highly respected. Sure, the pay sucks, but getting people's respect isn't a problem I tend to have. Of course, I happen to be good at what I do. In the meantime, the fact that it's "not exactly a sought after position" may explain why, sadly, so many of those with whom I work have such poor command of the English language.

My original motivation for writing this post was that I can do this from work, where I have problems logging in at RWN. I pieced this together during times when I had no obligations to the school, of course, but in the end it was much more appropriate as a post here than in the comment area of RWN. I'm sure we will all agree to that. I just think it's important, when people like this take themselves so seriously, that they be put in their place. Rock On!