Interview with the Rottweiler  

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Jay at Stop the ACLU has done the impossible. He has interviewed Emperor Darth Misha I, one of my main inspirations and reasons for getting involved in blogging.

This interview was absolutely incredible. I give you one of Jay's questions, and the Emperor's response as a sample:


Please take a moment and expand upon what you think America needs to hear the most in today's times.
We need to hear that yes, Virginia, our chosen way of life is better than what the rest of the world has chosen, for the simple reason that we chose it and we're the only ones that we have to answer to. We, the people. If we're to change our ways, it'll be because we Americans want them to change, not because some intellectual claiming to know better says that we should.

We also need to hear that we're a peaceful nation of fiercely individualist warriors, and that there is no contradiction in that. No better friends, no worse enemies. We need to be reminded constantly that we didn't ask for this war, that it was forced upon us, and that we are faced with the choice of winning it unconditionally or surrendering all that our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives for. There is no middle ground.

Most of all, we need to learn to be proud of our American heritage and all that we've achieved. We need to relearn the pride and gratitude that comes from living in the only superpower in the history of the world that didn't use its power to force itself on others or steal what was theirs, we need to learn to not apologize for being the richest, strongest nation on Earth because we worked very hard for everything we've got, and we need to be constantly reminded that all of this, this blessing that is our homeland, was built on individualism and courage and not on collectivism and fear.
Excellent job, Jay.

As for you, Misha - Thanks for all you do, as a blogger, a patriot, and as an inspiration to bloggers everywhere. I do hope someday to have earned the respect and admiration that you have.