200th Post! - And What Great News!  

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I saw this on the front page of some newspaper in Northeastern Pennsylvania this morning just prior to starting the return trip from this weekend's tour in that area.

What a terriffic thing to be able to post about! A senior Al-Qaeda killed in Pakistan, of all places, and by Pakistanis!

Behind closed doors, you can be sure the Donks will look at this as a major defeat to their cause of bringing freedom to its knees. Publicly, they won't say much, of course, and no one should be looking for them to congratulate anyone, especially the President or the Pakistani heroes who brought down this terrorist. They're just too absorbed in their own little world to acknowledge anything, including their own imminent demise.

As far as the opportunity to pay myself on the back for the milestone is concerned, I'd like to thank ... (insert boring Stevie Wonder speech here) ... and I'm looking forward to the pat on the back for #250, then #500, then #750, and #1000 ... Oh yeah, and don't forget the RWR Blogday festivities on February 1, 2006, when this blog turns a year old.

More importantly, though, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in the killing of that evildoer in Pakistan, and THANKS. this includes everyone from those who induced this man's death to those who have simply supported the war effort. Thanks and congrats to all!