Gonzales: Congress Authorized Spying  

Monday, December 19, 2005

In this AP article, we learn that Attorney General Gonzales has said that Congress's authorization for the use of force in the aftermath of 9/11 included provisions for the President to engage in the sort of spying that has come to light in the last week.

A couple of comments on this.

1. The Fourth Amendment protects Americans from "unreasonable searches and seizures". Any warrants issued must be specific in the nature of the seizure. It does not say that a Warrant is necessarily required for various kinds of surveillance, though I do believe warrants are a good way for the government to cover it's tuckus in case someone challenges a decision. The real question here is whether or not it is reasonable to engage in surveillance of those who may be involved in terrorism. It is.

2. Congressmen and Senators galore have called for investigations. Since it is quite likely Attorney General Gonzales is telling the truth about the congressional authorization, who will investigate the House and Senate?

I'm off for tour tonight. I'll be back some time tomorrow. "Stress Week" will start to wind down around mid-week, albeit ever-so slowly. Hang in there with me!


Update 12/21 10:30AM: Moonbat Monitor shows how such spying AND MORE were done by the Clinton Administration.