John Lennon: 1940-1980  

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Well, what rocker in his right mind would skip over the 25th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest musical minds ever to live? Certainly not I.

Thank God John Lennon's life was dedicated primarily to music. His political views were completely fucked up. Ne'er lived such a pinko-sociocommie-leftist weasel. But let's face it. When he left the politics out of the music, it was nothing short of incredible.

(Lennon with his sanded-down Epiphone Casino. This is one sweet-sounding guitar!)

Am I a fan of the Beatles? Nah, not really. This rocker's into more soulful stuff. However, it is impossible not to recognize the importance of the contribution made by John, along with Paul, George, and Ringo to the music of the world. Besides, that Casino is one GORGEOUS guitar, isn't it?

The music of the Beatles has inspired many, and John played a significant role in that inspiration.

John, may you rest in peace. And may the heaven you didn't believe in forever forgive you that sin.