PJ-Comix has a mesage for the Donks  

Thursday, December 01, 2005

PJ-Comix, humble correspondent of DUmmieFUnnies, has made a prediction, and in just the funniest way imaginable - as a message to the wackos at Democratic Underground.

Hillary WILL be your nominee in 2008. Karl Rove has determined that Hillary is the EASIEST candidate to beat and thus has behind the scenes been making arrangements for her 2008 nomination. Scream all you want, DUmmies, but there is NO stopping Hillary (with Karl's help). So it has been decided (by Karl) so it WILL be done.
Karl rove has arranged for Hitlery to get the nomination in 2008! Quite perfect. My only concern is her incredible dishonesty. She is exactly the type who would commit large-scale voter fraud just to get elected. If you though the Gore campaign giving bums cartons of cigarettes in return for votes was something, just wait till you see what Hitlery has up her sleeve. It's worse than anything you or I can imagine, I'll guarantee you that.

And I will guarantee something else, too. The likelihood she would get caught is nearly ZIPPO (read that "she will not get caught").

Hitlery will be beaten handily if she gets the nomination AND follows the rules. Don't hope for the former, and DEFINITELY don't look for the latter.