Pope Benedict: Christmas "Polluted"  

Monday, December 12, 2005

NewsMax reports today that Pope Benedict believes that the true spirit of Christmas is being polluted today by what he calls "consumerism".

While this may be true on a world level, here in America "consumerism" is the least of the problems Christmas faces.

The ACLU's current assault on anything non-atheist has forced people to take down their Christmas trees and Hannukah menorahs, only to erect "holiday trees" in their place. They have intimidated businesses into removing their "Merry Christmas" signs and replacing them with "Happy Holidays" signs. They have gone to court over public displays involving the Nativity. They've even demanded that crosses be removed from memorials to fallen police officers. "Consumerism" pales in comparison to this.

It is my hope that Pope Benedict will come to the aid of people of faith in America, as our faith is under assault. Those who would use our Constitution to protect us from these evildoers are curiously silent. Even President Bush, who is often maligned as an overly religious leader, has done little to protect our constitutionally guaranteed free practice. Religious leaders worldwide should be uniting behind the effort to beat back these thugs. They have no right to tell people what they can and cannot do with regard to religion, and they know it.

Do you think Barry Lynn and his goons over at the ACLU don't know what the First Amendment says? Do you really think they have "interpreted" it improperly? Trust me. Those assholes know damned right well what is says AND what it means. They DELIBERATELY twist it around in their presentation to you, because the real meaning of the First Amendment is at odds with their worldview. If the ACLU succeeds in forcing reigion out of public life, watch out for the next logical step - forcing it out of private life.

"Assembling the Nativity scene in the home can turn out to be a simple but effective way of presenting the faith to pass it on to one's children," Benedict added.
If the ACLU gets what it wants, look for them to assault your faith in the privacy of your own home, making this impossible. Pope Benedict's simple, humble means of reinforcing the real meaning of Christmas would be forced into underground religious practice like those that existed in the Soviet Union.

Kinda makes you think about the ACLU's real objective, now, doesn't it?