Stop Calling for Weird Howard's Resignation!  

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sean Hannity is calling for Weird Howard's resignation.

He also acknowledges that Dean is good for conservatives.

Sean's reasoning appears to revolve around Dean's assertions that we will not win the War on Terror, as quoted in my earlier post today and my post yesterday. Of course, the war is ours to win or lose. It is up to us Americans to show the proper support for the troops and those charged with organizing the effort.

The problem I have with calling for Dean's resignation is this: America knows he's loony. The troops know he's loony. The terrorists know that both the American people and the troops put no stock whatsoever into what Weird Howard says. So how can he be undermining the war effort just by being his usual loony self?

This man is the best thing to come along in a long time in the overall war we need to be fighting against socialism. Why not let the socialists win it for us? The War on Terror? Nah, no one is buying his crap. Not even the terrorists.