Al Gore's Hypocrisy Exposed  

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I have a message for Al Gore.

If you are going to throw stones, please make sure you aren't hanging out in a glass house.

It seems Al Gore, while vice president, led a secret surveillance effort - not for spying on terrorists or other enemies of the people, but on all Americans.

I believe that some good ol-fashioned surveillance of the 19 foreign terrorists known to be in the US may have stopped 9/11, and that spying on known terrorists in the US is a good thing.

Regardless of whether you agree with that, it is constitutionally unfathomable that Mr. Gore's "Clipper" project could be construed as legal.

At this point, Mr. Gore no longer holds public office, and his "Clipper" program is dead. As far as we know right now, no harm was done. But when will these liberals understand that they can't just hurl accusations and complaints around when people can easily check their records and show that liberals have done the same and, as is the case here, FAR WORSE?

Mr. Gore, you are lucky you are not sitting in jail for your aiding and abetting enemies of the US as vice president. You cannot defend Clipper. Your best bet, at this point, is to keep your trap shut so that people don't call you on your hipocrisy.